Leadership Formation

Student Leadership at USF provides opportunities to expand students’ perspectives on what it means to be a global leader. The Student Leadership program at the University of Saint Francis includes various points of formation throughout the academic year, including a Fall Retreat (“Student Leadership Week”), on-going leadership formation workshops and seminars, semester retreats, and celebratory events (i.e. the annual Pass the Torch event, and the Annual Spring Leadership and Service Awards Ceremony). Topics presented and discussed in retreats and workshops prepare students for on-campus student leadership opportunities, and ultimately provide the groundwork for leadership in the world after graduation from the university.

All students in student leadership positions at USF are required to participate in the student leadership formation program. Additionally, students interested in developing leadership skills, who are not serving in a student leadership position, are invited to attend seminars offered throughout the academic year. Students will have the opportunity to complete individualized leadership goal planning and be matched with an integrated leadership mentor group. Mentors provide support and encouragement while helping students meet their individual goals by participating in the opportunities made available through the student leadership formation program.

Upon completion of the student leadership formation program, students will be equipped to begin serving the complex and dynamic needs of the Church and world today, including the desiderata of employers. As such, they will be versatile and open to life-long learning and leadership formation. In the end, they will form future leaders in the spirit in which they were formed at the University of Saint Francis.

Leadership Events


Each August, student leaders are invited to a week of leadership training that both encourages their personal leadership formation and equips them to serve the campus community.  Then, throughout the academic year, Student Affairs sponsors regular Student Leadership Retreats that provide on-going training and formation opportunities for students at USF.  These retreats are open to all USF students, and all students serving on the Student Leadership Team are expected to participate.


At the end of each academic year, USF celebrates the service and contributions made to the campus by Student Leaders.  Two celebratory events take place each year.  The Spring Leadership and Service Awards program is an awards ceremony that recognizes outstanding student leadership in clubs and organizations on campus.  Pass the Torch is a formal celebration of senior student leaders and a formal welcoming of new student leaders into the Student Leadership Program.